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Christian Service and Outreach:
Our Church in Mission

and his wife Hadeel are
a refugee couple brought to Avon in a joint mission project of the Avon Congregational Church and the West Avon Congregational Church.

The couple came in late September and the two churches had less than a week to set up and provision their new home.

Our church’s sense of calling and mission has led us to an active ministry not only to our own members but to the community and region as well. 

ACC members have re-settled several refugee families. Church members come together to donate and purchase furnishings, clothing, food staples, and household goods, to set up a welcoming apartment for the family.

By also providing support to the family after their arrival, they provide expertise and an invaluable network to assist the family in living, studying and working in their new land.

There is still much work to do to settle and transition Mohialdeen, Hadeel and Jousif. Many talents and skills are needed for this project. If you would like to help, please call the church office (860 678 0488) and you will be put in contact with a member of the committee.

The Avon Congregational Church actively participates in and supports The Horace Bushnell Children’s Food Pantry, the Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen and conducts food drives for Foodshare and the Avon Food pantry. Church members also participate in the Greater Hartford Walk for Hunger. For more information on the church's Stone Soup project to support Loaves and Fishes, and to learn how you can help, please click on the Everything Else page.

Not only does Christian Service and Outreach (CSO) support hunger ministries, the church participates and supports Covenant to Care’s "Adopt a Social Worker" Program, Gifts of Love, a battered women's shelter (Interval House) and Avon Social Services.

Church members have joined together and with other churches on local and regional trips to provide assistance in disaster areas, participates in Habitat for Humanity home construction and similar rehabilitation projects.

The Tuesday Crafters is a group of women who come together to knit, crochet and sew to create gifts of warmth which are distributed through RSVP and other organizations to those who need blankets, lap robes, mittens and hats. Recently, a group of church women came together to create dozens of sewn soft turtle toys to be distributed to children of natural disasters when they accompany their parents into disaster relief centers.

Once a month church members donate their time to shop, prepare, serve and cleanup after a special First Friday Dinner which is open to the community. Part of the proceeds are donated to a local charity. For more information concerning dates and menus, please click on the Everything Else page.

At ACC, there are many ways to help in community projects by donating your time, talent and dollars. Giving and participating helps those in need, warms your heart and creates friendships between the members on the outreach teams. Christian service and outreach projects provide "fellowship through service."

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Where charity and love are, there God is . . . Let us love the living God, and from a sincere heart let us love each other.

From "Ubi caritas et amor," a 9th Century antiphon sung during the washing of feet on Maundy Thursday.

Mohialdeen and Hadeel's 3-year old son, Yousif, mugs for the camera.








Susan, Gail and Nancy (left to right).
Susan made this quilt to welcome our most recent refugee family, Gail (center) is the chair of Christian Service and Outreach, and Nancy worked on the project. The quilt design features hundreds of small squares which represent each of the people who have helped to bring them to Avon, and those who will be helping them in their transition.

The quilt is presented to the refugee family by quilt-maker Susan Elliot, committee chair Gail Alvord, and Rev. Martha. The small quilt was presented for Yousif.

Pictures by Nora Howard.