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Music Ministry

Music Ministries


 Dianne Rechel, Director of Music Ministries

We have four areas of service. The first is that of nurturing through worship. Every Sunday the choir and organist offer their gifts of music  to enhance our worship. This area of our ministry works together with the minister and worship team to develop  the theme for each Sunday. What a joy it is to all raise our voices together!

The second area is that of music education. We choose musical selections appropriate to the vocal ranges in our choir. We learn vocal techniques and also improve our note-reading skills. We sing music from around the world and in languages different from our own. Our rehearsals tend to delve into what is behind the written words in our songs. Once a message has been learned and sung, it tends to become part of our being. Our choir works hard to enhance the  worship service.  Please consider trying us out.  We are a lively, friendly group and we do share a lot of laughs!

The third area is that of outreach to the community. We host a concert series called "Music on the Corner."  Coming to our concerts is a wonderful  opportunity to experience great music in the splendid acoustics of our Sanctuary.  The beauty of the liturgy, raising our voices in song, experiencing the magic of Christmas Eve and the splendor of Easter are memorable and  soul- stirring experiences for us all!

The fourth is our beautiful bell choir. We feature them in worship several times each year.The players rehearse weekly and enrich our shared worship experience with their  heavenly tones .  

     Our Jubilant Choir

Being part of a church, and especially its choir, is a great way to deal with the feeling of isolation that haunts many of us from time to time.. Raising your voice in song together with others creates a bond like no other. Church provides community. We as a choir are not just a part of the community, we  create community. That is our fundamental outreach: helping people find grace and acceptance. Many are able to find a greater sense of connection to the world because of joining together with us in song.

Our Instruments

We are blessed with a beautiful Austin Pipe Organ, a full set of hand bells and chimes, a drum set and other percussion instruments, two studio upright pianos for rehearsing and a magnificent Baldwin grand piano!

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