Our Ministries and Ministry Teams

We are part of the wider church body known as the United Church of Christ. We strive to accomplish our vision and mission by engaging both our minds and our hearts in worship and study, by taking seriously the many issues facing our world, by standing with those who suffer, and those whose choices are limited, and by using our spiritual gifts in everyday circumstances.

Every person has leadership potential and personal talents for which they have a passion. We endeavor to create opportunities for the development, training, and discovery of each person’s gifts (Romans 12) for God's glory. Every one of us has a sphere of influence and has the potential to add value to one another.

At Avon Congregational Church, we have potentials in all spheres of life: in our careers, communities, and families. Our goal is to work better together, learning and implementing the principles of Jesus's leadership in every sector and sphere of society. Discovering your gifts and sharing your talents is one of the best ways to offer your unique value to the world.

As a relational church, we aspire to do good works in welcoming others to our faith community, in nurturing them in ways to lift them up and help them on their spiritual journey, in outreach to each other and the wider community around us, in worshiping together in our Christian faith, and in lending support to each other to carry out our mission and vision.

Therefore we operate Avon Congregational Church on the basis of five ministries: Welcoming, Nurturing, Worship, Outreach and Support. We give of our talents through teams formed under each ministry. 
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