Meet Pastor Manocchio

Rev. Donna Manocchio will be leading us in worship through mid-October. Born and raised an active and engaged Catholic, she has always found great joy and comfort in a life of faith and the community of the church. 

After leaving a career at Aetna, she received a degree in pastoral ministry and later attended Andover Newton Theological School. Over the years her ministry has found her teaching, preaching, and leading others in church.

Donna and her husband, David Lewis, live in Wethersfield and are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year. They are the humble and joyful parents of two adult daughters, Kathryn and Rose. 

Pastor Donna delights in traveling and meeting new people and encountering new cultures, belongs to three book clubs, and also enjoys bike riding, cooking, and discovering new restaurants and in the community. Donna previously served at Rocky Hill Congregational Church, UCC and Asylum Hill Congregational Church, UCC until her retirement in November 2016. 

We invite you to join us Sundays to meet Pastor Donna and hear her insightful sermons.

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