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6 West Main Street
 Avon, CT 06001
(860) 678-1267‎

Joan Parks, Director




The School's logo replicates the sunburst on the Church's historic weather vane.




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Avon Nursery School

The Avon Congregational Church has a long history of opening its doors to young children in the community. Beginning in 1953, the church opened a kindergarten school for 4 year-olds known as the "Avon Community Nursery School." In 1972, the nursery school added a program for 3 year-olds. 

In 2004, the Church added a 10,000 square foot addition specifically designed to accommodate a nursery school. A generous donation by a long-time church member provided the start-up costs for the "Avon Nursery School" which led to the opening of the new school in September of 2006. In addition to funding the very best nursery school staff, the donation enabled the School to buy state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor equipment. The school's curriculum incorporates activities that stimulate the cognitive, verbal, social, artistic, imaginative, emotional and physical development of the three and four year-old students. The program provides preschool children with the opportunity for social interaction and focuses on the development of pre-academic skills. 

Avon Nursery School Belief Statement
We believe that learning is a lifelong adventure.

We believe in facing each day with minds open to knowledge and hearts open to love.

We believe in the freedom to wonder, to ask, to explore, to create and to imagine.

We believe that success means doing our best, being our best and feeling proud of our effort.

We believe that every one of us has special talents, and that the talents of each of us, help all of us.

We believe in ourselves, in each other and in God who we thank for the blessings he shows us each day.  

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