The ACC Support Ministry helps other Ministries do Good Works

Serving other ministries of the church in ways to help them explore new and proven pathways for success.

Communications Team

Advises on matters relating to best communications practices and oversees media forms. Maintains communications technology systems within the church.

  • Technology Resources

  • Online Resource (Websites, Social media, Interactive media)

  • Publishing Technology (Newsletters, Sunday Bulletin, Flyers)

Resource Management Team

Oversees matters relating to budget and finance.

  • Stewardship

  • Fundraising

  • Financial management

Facilities Management Team

Oversees matters relating to real property management.

  • Rental & Weddings

  • Church Building Maintenance & Repairs

  • Grounds (landscape, snow removal, gardens)

Human Resources Team

Oversees matters of personnel management.

Special Gifts and Memorials Team

Oversees matters relating to money grants and personal memorials.

Photography & History Team

Oversees matters relating to church heritage.

Twelve West Main and Parsonage Trustees

Oversees leases, rent collections, bills, and repairs for these buildings