Our Welcoming Ministry wants to Assure a Positive Experience

Sharing the ACC Church Experience by exploring new ways to attract and retain membership, promoting God’s unconditional love and creating a community of faith through the lessons of Jesus Christ.  

The Welcoming Ministry is made up of these teams:

Sunday Morning Welcoming Team - Reinforces the church vision that we are an open, caring and growing community by welcoming new church attendees, encouraging a high level of comfort for all ages, assist in the management of membership in the church.

Spread-the-word about ACC Team - Celebrates the church mission and vision through various types of internal and external communication by doing church publicity and developing media content about the church.

New Member Events and Orientation Team - Supports the new member population in their understanding of the core visions and values of the church and helps with assimilation into the general congregation. 

Community Oriented Events Team to Showcase ACC - Celebrates the church mission and vision through events that showcase ACC while promoting community spirit and inclusion.

First Friday Community Dinners