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Our children are marvelously and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139:14). They are lively and talented, funny and compassionate and smart. But do they know how to be still, and converse with God? Are they comfortable with that silence? Are they involved in groups that nurture their spirits, people who are willing to share wisdom they’ve gained through years of living, conflict, sorrow? People who welcome them and love them just for who they are – bright little kids with years stretching out before them?

Sports teach strategy, strength and confidence. Music teaches collaboration, beauty and self-expression. Academics stretch our minds. All of these are good and necessary for the growth of any human being, but they don’t help people grow their faith – that is not their goal.

Where can you stretch your soul? Where can children build inner faith and confidence that will carry them through times of sadness or conflict? What places, what programs exist only to nurture the spirit? Places like Avon Congregational Church, where families walk together on their faith journeys, where God’s spirit shines through prayer and discussion, where children are cherished and parents find an understanding nod and smile.  Welcome!

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